The gypsy ideal runs deep in my soul.

So how do I define gypsy? I define it as a person yearning for adventure and wanting to create a journey that takes them to places and spaces that inspire their everyday existence. Creating new experiences and being open to the adventures that life has in store. To create a life that truly fulfils you and one that sparks creativity and spurs you to go confidently in the direction of your dreams.

Whats in a name?
Having moved 31 times in 50 years, I feel qualified to say I have a gypsy soul. I’ve always thrived in the unknown, excited for what lies ahead. Creating my own adventures has always inspired me. The name Maries is an ode to generations of strong, beautiful, cultivated women in my family, all who share the name Marie. It’s my middle name, my sister’s middle name and is shared with countless other amazing women in my life that share the sisterhood of Maries.

You don’t have to move or travel or set out on huge great adventures to be considered a gyspy. It can be expressed through the clothes you wear, the accessories around your neck, the personal items you surround yourself with and the people you choose to spend time with. It’s a mood. An ideal. A feeling

Come, discover who you are.
At Gypsy Maries, we want you to connect with your inner gypsy. Express yourself and be ok knowing you are free to be who you want to be. With unique and individual items all created by local artists, all who have followed their own gypsy beat, my hope is that you find something that evokes your own soul. My vision was to create a space for people to feel good in, a place to explore their creativity and a space that welcomes everyone.

Come, explore what life has in store.

With gratitude,